Hey Mania Gang

    Select your order and check out, select LOCAL PICK UP to gain access to the premises.

    Do not worry you can always edit your order when you come down! (Once you will come in you will make the actual payment)

    Buzz 59 on the Intercom and a staff member will let you in.

    We are located on the left on the 1st Floor.

    Once you enter you can

    • Serve your slush yourself
    • Want to make your Slush Xtraaaa Strong? Purchase our Shot Bottle and add it at your own risk
    • You can purchase Pouches, Tubs and Pours.... Just grab one from the freezer
    • Select your milkshake flavour and take selfies in our waiting area whilst your shake is being made


    Grab your drinks and go and enjoy

    (unfortunately you can not drink on the Containerville premises or in The Oval area outside)

    We operate a Think 25 Policy so please do not be offended if we ask for ID, it means you are looking like a young, juicy, Sweet one

    Please leave quietly as to not disturb our neighbours 

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    0 products

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