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Indulge in a collection of exclusive cocktail recipes crafted in my cocktail lab, now shared with you at home. Designed by me, meticulously tested on friends and family, these recipes are guaranteed to tantalise your taste buds! Immerse yourself in the world of concoctions that promise to add a touch of tipsiness to your evenings, empowering you to curate your very own mania experience. 
Taste Notes

Boozy, Tropical & Tart (notes of citrus)


• Store in Fridge or Freezer immediately after delivery*
• Freeze to slush like consistency for ultimate taste
• Shake Well & Pour into an iced glass (no ice for martini or coupe glassware)
• Drink within 3 days of opening

*Store for 2 weeks in fridge or 3 months in freezer


Mint & dehydrated orange or lemon slice

Cocktail Recipe EBook

Flavour Story

I Conceived Drunk’in Punch to bring you to a lively beach party under the starlit sky in the Caribbean via taste. I was Inspired by age-old Caribbean punch recipes, the overproof rum forms the heart of this concoction, infusing it with coconut applies a creamy smoothness, while plush pineapple adds a burst of tropical sunshine to every sip. Drunk’in Punch is not just a drink; it's a homage to Caribbean traditions, capturing the joy and spontaneity of unforgettable moments shared with friends and families in the heart of the Caribbean.


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